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Miguel Angel Vergara

Miguel Angel Vergara is a Maya Priest and Master Teacher who lives and works in Yucatán, Mexico. He studied with Maya Elder Vincente Martín for seventeen years and continues to work with the elders and priests who are keeping the Maya Sacred Wisdom very much alive today.
He teaches us how to connect with the Maya Masters of Light who are still at the sacred sites ready to guide us today as in ancient times. Going to the source of the Maya knowledge – to the ceremonies, mantras, sacred books, temples, stele, pottery, paintings, and oral traditions that are available today – he finds the essence of their knowledge and then teaches it in a heart-centered style that connects rapidly and profoundly with his students.
Miguel Angel humbly and sincerely weaves a path to the pure authentic essence of the Maya cosmology and creates a space with beautiful ceremonies and stories where you can transform yourself and find your true Spiritual Path.
Miguel Angel guides people to the Maya Sacred Wisdom in sites in all the Maya world and has written books and given lectures and conferences on the Maya Sacred Knowledge throughout the world. He is currently offering online courses on the Maya Sacred book, the Popol Vuh, the Shamanic Practices, Atlantis Memories, Mother Earth and the Maya Legacy. He is also available for personal one-on-one Maya Destiny Birth Chart readings online or in person.
Website: www.casakin.org