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Janel Possiel

Janel is in deep service of what she facilitates called “Maitiri Movement” and offers students opportunities to be nourished by their own inner radiance through creative vinyasa flows. Maitiri (my-tree) is a sanskrit word that means ‘loving kindness and unconditional friendship with oneself.” Maitri is described as, “feeling at home with your own mind and your own body.” Janel promotes yoga as a vehicle for us to explore basic empowerment principles that we can apply throughout our daily lives, which can, in turn, benefit all the beings we interact with. Janel’s intention is to empower each person in her classes to feel nourished, centered, and embodied in their true essence through mindful movement, breath, and reflection.

Janel is highly inspired by staying curious on this, and all, paths, and strives to invoke curiosity in those she practices with. She is in humble service of cultivating a relationship with the inner teacher and staying present with the spaciousness available in accessing a continual beginner’s mind. Beginning again and again, Janel aspires to awaken along side of her fellow practitioners into a space that is intimate, playful, and extends maitri on and beyond the mat. A journey into the shared heart. You will walk out of Janel’s classes feeling more RADIANTLY ALIVE and aligned with your own true nature, with a greater ability to flow and GLOW in your daily life. At home within this journey of being human.

Janel is honored to teach at Denver's Samadhi Center for Yoga and has taught Friday Night Yoga Club and Denver’s Holi Festival. Janel completed her 200 hour YTT through Samadhi Center for Yoga in Denver and has also completed a second 200 hour YTT in Prana Vinyasa, based on the teachings of Shiva Rea, in process of completing her 300 hour.