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Haley Laughter is a Navajo Yoga instructor, her clans are as follows;
Bit’ahnii (Leaf clan), Tódich’ii’nii (Bitter Water Clan), Dibéłzhíní (Black Sheep clan), Táchii’nii (Red Running Into the Water People clan).
What motivates Haley is her desire to bring yoga and wellness to her Indigenous people.
Haley is the founder of Hozho Total Wellness (HTW). She teaches classes and gives presentations on wellness and self-care through yoga across Indian Country. Familiar with her Navajo teachings, indulging in sacred ceremonies and being a woman water carrier, Haley found her unique niche of incorporating the four elements and Indigenous teachings on mind, body, breath, spirit and asana. Her format allows her to teach the practice of yoga while preserving culture. The company motto is “Be Indigenous Yoga Inspired!”.
Haley was the first to bring forth yoga as way to sustain health in the Native American nation-wide community online. She started by posting pictures of her in various yoga asanas, wearing her moccasins, on the high-profile Facebook page Healthy Active Natives. With over 70k followers on HANS, this allowed Haley to create an Indigenous Yoga platform, from where she was able to build her “mobile” studio and take yoga to the reservations for classes, conferences and various events. Haley created an active Instagram and FB following with over 22,00 followers combined, who are mostly Indigenous. Through social media, she has connected with other Indigenous teachers, to where she is establishing the Indigenous Yoga Instructors Association (I.Y.I.A), a network to where Native American yoga instructors can collaborate and share ideas on how to better serve our people, reservation, and communities through yoga.
You can follow Haley on Instagram & Facebook @ Hozho Total Wellness. “Be Indigenous Yoga Inspired!”