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Amanda Botur

Amanda Botur is a dynamic healer and musical artist. The diversity of her music spans sacred chant, world, pop and folk genres. Her background in the healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Homeopathy and Yoga has laid the platform in her exploration of vibration to shift our awareness, and move us deeply into love.
Her songwriting has been deemed “deeply nourishing, reflective and relatable’.
She uses sacred chant to open a current of divine flow and to invite connectivity. Her music creates a palpable feel of fullness that moves the listener into a resonant experience of connection with all.
With nature as her greatest muse, her performances are a ‘captivating combination of healing, connection, story telling all with a feel of bringing us back home to ourselves.’
Her songwriting, performances and workshops create a reflection to our see ourselves in, that then reflects our divine connection with all things.
Amanda has dedicated her life to the healing arts and believes that conscious movement, music, nature and education are the sacred currents that bring us back to wholeness.
Amanda has just released her first full length album (2018) and offers workshops and performances in US and Canada.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, June 15

2:30pm MDT