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Adriana Rincón

Adriana Rincón is a seasoned Tribal Fusion Bellydance performer and instructor in Colorado's beautiful front range area.  She began her bellydance journey in 2006 studying Egyptian and Turkish styles in a group named the Ozark Mountain Gypsies, then moved to Colorado in 2010 where she studied Cabaret style briefly. Shortly after Adriana's arrival to Colorado, she discovered the Bellydance style that would transform her dance career and life, Tribal Fusion.  Adriana has studied under the likes of Rachel Brice, the Mother of Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Moria Chappell, Mira Betz, Silvia Salamanca, and more incredibly talented Bellydancers.  She has danced with local music groups such as Moonhoney, Viva La Noche, and Roma Ransom, and performs regularly in World Dance Performances. Adriana has a degree in Music Education and loves helping others to learn the art and craft of music and dance!