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Liz Grace

Liz Grace Channeled Light
Boulder, Colorado
Liz has always been a healer, but she didn't always know it. She loves literature, so much so that she spent twelve years teaching English language arts to middle and high school students. She has always had a passion for recommending books and writing poetry. Language has been her chosen method of expression and growth. After years of yoga, meditation, and deep soul transformation, Liz finally opened to her spiritual gift of light language. She seeks to help people along their journey, assisting them as they discover their own gift of light.
As a Celestial Shaman, Liz connects with multi-dimensional beings with higher wisdom and light codes to help tune your frequency and align you to your higher self.
Liz Grace trained as a Celestial Shaman under Yvonne Perry and Amy Carrol.
Co-founder BlueStarTribe.com
RYT® 200 Yoga Instuctor
Wellness coach
Poet & literature teacher