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Ananda Das

Modern Bhakti Yoga Academy
Sedona, AZ
Ananda Das loves to help people open their hearts and deepen their devotion through singing, music, mantras, and yoga. He has been singing, recording, touring, and teaching for over 20 years. He's also been on the yogic path for over 15 years. He believes in the power of devotional music, yoga, and ceremony to empower, heal and connect us to our eternal, loving, and true selves. 

"Through Ananda's voice coaching, I have unlocked a part of myself deep within that was untapped. His guidance has supported me to become comfortable expressing my authentic inner voice through devotional chanting.” ~ Claire Zovko

“I've learned more in the lessons with Ananda than in my combined 5 years of lessons with other teachers. I've gained so much more confidence, richness, and range in my voice. Incredible!” ~ Greg Warnick